Coach John, founder E3 TRI
What began as a challenge, has since become a passion.  

You know how it goes...don't we all reach a point where our direction changes?  For triathlon coach John Hanna, EVERYTHING changed when he rediscovered the sport of triathlon.  The commitment to his own intense training and competition, mirroring his collegiate swimming days, reignited a flame.  As a podium beginner and age grouper triathlete, success became a reality.  Not only did John find himself in the sport as an accomplished triathlete in the middle of an already busy lifestyle with a career and a family, but he discovered a uniquely natural gift to spur on those around him in the multisport community.  His passion for the sport and understanding of the nature of the beast evolved into a passion for coaching.  And so was founded E3 TRI, LLC., a multisport training organization for evolving athletes, beginner to Ironman.  

Coach John's philosphies and coaching techniques are multi-faceted.  For many of Coach John's athletes, the sport of triathlon is no longer just a sport but a personal evolution of themselves.  This "TRIVOLUTION" is what encompasses the whole mind, body, and soul and the triathlete.  It's the journey of triumph over trial for busy working men and women with families, who usher in the day facing a continual balancing of priorities.  With Coach John, you can evaluate your current season of life and work with him on setting and keeping of realistic training and racing goals, and put into action the "trivolving" of YOU...the triathlete.  

Ready to join the Trivolution and develop your own customized training schedule?  Take the next step...reach UP!  Contact USAT LEVEL 1 Coach and US Swimming Coach John Hanna - or by calling 205-821-8941. 
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