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E3 Tri is dedicated to helping everyday, amateur, and elite athletes to achieve superior performance through the latest science, technology, and established training concepts. We strive for excellence and quality by increasing our professional knowledge and experience through our investment continuing 

education and simple yet effective training programs.

Every E3 athlete is provided with

personalized training plan. We understand you have commitments outside of training so we will assist in balancing all aspects to make triathlon a healthy lifestyle. Your coach will create a plan specific your abilities, schedule, and goals. 

Nutrition is the 4th discipline in triathlon. Your race-day performance heavily relies on having the right fuel. Our coaches are educated on what nutrients are needed to compete in all race distances. They are here to help you troubleshoot to get the right fuel for your body to perform at its best.
Our coaches are here to help you succeed. We do not have monthly phone call time limits. Your coach will answer any questions you come across and adjust your training when needed.
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